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Lotus View, Austria

Resources, Services, Information
Steve Anchell - Darkroom cookbook author offers galleries, workshops, and a print club.
Archival Methods - Archival storage and presentation products.
Art Chemicals - ”Chemistry for the imagination.”
Artcraft Chemicals - A complete line of photographic chemicals and prepackaged kits.
Art-Mine.Com - Original fine art online.
Bergger - Silver-rich paper & film, plus chemicals, inkjet paper, alternative process products.
Bostick & Sullivan - Supplies for alternative processes, articles, and much more.
Conservation Resources International - The latest in conservation technology.
Conservation Photography - Using photography for environmental conservation.
Crooked Imaging - Kent-based online photographic accessories - New and Used equipment..
Digital Camera HQ - Reviews, technical information, best buys.
Digital Photography Review - Reviews, technical information, forums, and more.
Freestyle - A huge selection of traditional photographic equipment and supplies.
Kerry’s Large Format Home Page - Invaluable large format reviews & technical information.
Large Format Lens Specs - Elements/groups, max aperture, image circle, etc.
Light Impressions - Archival supplies of all kinds.
Lodima Archival Materials - Matboard, frames, and archival materials.
Lotus View Camera - Large format cameras, accessories, film, books, chemistry, workshops.
Masters of Photography - Articles and photographs by and about great photographers.
Harold M. Merklinger - Technical articles on focus and other photographica.
Michael A. Smith & Paula Chamlee - Azo, amidol, pyro, articles, workshops, and forum.
Mottweiler Studio - Fine exotic handmade cameras: pinhole, panoramic, stereo.
MV Labs - Professional B&W processing in NYC, workshops, archival supplies, links.
New York Film Academy - Photography MFA program, conservatory program, workshops.
NightSkyPix - Information and resources for photographing the night sky.
Parson’s The New School for Design - Get an MFA in photography.
Photo Eye - “World’s foremost online photography bookstore and gallery.”
Photographer’s Formulary - A complete line of photographic chemicals and prepackated kits.
PhotoMonitor - An index of photographic information and techniques in Italian and English.
Power of Process - Steve Sherman’s site for advanced darkroom techniques.
Silverprint - Full line of photographic supplies, including alt process, in the United Kingdom.
Ted’s Photographics - Information on photographic history and science.
University Products - Library and archival supplies for museums and collectors.
The View Camera Store - Cameras, darkroom equipment, workshops, etc. from Phil Davis.
World Art Directory - Your guide to art and artists on the web.

Formularies & Development Times
Bjorn Burton’s Amateur Photographic Science -  Formulary, info and links.
Digital Truth Photo - The massive development chart, forum, tools, techniques, and links.

Alternative Processes, Stereo and 3-D, Infrared, Pinhole
AlternativePhotography.Com - Alternative process information center and galleries.
The Art of the Photogravure - Celebrating the beauty and history of the photogravure process.
Blueprints on Fabric - The magic of cyanotype.
The Bromoil Homepage - International Society of Bromoilists - history, articles, gallery, etc.
A Different View of the World - Stereo/3D site, specializing in View Master & Tru-Vue.
Invisible Light - Infrared photography and technical information.
David Lewis - The Art of Bromoil and Transfer.  Gallery, information, and supplies.
Pinhole Blender - A unique multi-pinhole camera for sale, plus information and galleries.
Pinhole Resource - The Pinhole Journal site.  Books, cameras, gallery, workshops.
Rocky Mountain Memories - Equipment and supplies for the 3-D photographer.
Mike Ware’s Alternative Photography Pages - Important contributor to alternative processes.
3D by Dan Shelley - Stereo information source.  Images, books, links.
3DStereo.com - Commercial Stereo/3D site.  Cameras, viewers, everything you need.

Classic Cameras
Antique and 19th Century Cameras - Rare collection of wooden view cameras.
Deardorff Historical Site - History, restorations, sales by Ken Hough Photographic Repair.
Film for Classics - Roll and sheet film in oddball sizes so you can use those old cameras..
Rick Oleson - Eclectic personal page with information about classic cameras and camera repair.
Yashica Guy - Valuable information and repair tips on Yashica rangefinders.

MuseCube - Portfolio hosting & talent directory for photographers and models.
One Model Place - Large database of models and photographers.

Stock Photography
Acclaim Images - Stock photography and graphic design resources.
Can Stock Photo Image Library - Downloads and subscriptions available.
Critter Zone Animal Pictures - Offers animal & insect photos, nature & wildlife stock photography.
Foto Search Stock Photography - Over 1 million images, both rights protected and royalty free.
Go Graph Stock Photography - 27 million images.  Instant downloads for $3.

Apogee Photo Magazine - Articles, forums, workshops, digital--for amateur & professional.
British Journal of Photography - The on-line portion of England’s prestigious journal.
i Photo Central - A website for the photography collector.
Lenswork Publishing - The Lenswork homepage with on-line gallery.
Pontos de Vista - Points of view in Portuguese: newsletter, competitions, galleries.
Women in Photography International - On-line magazine, galleries, and more.
Zonezero - Award-winning photography site.  Gallery, magazine, editorials, forum, bookstore.

Clubs and Associations
Austin Alternative Process Group - Alternative & historic processes in Austin, Texas.
PICTO Benelux - Pictorialism and historic photographic processes in the Benelux.
Profotos.com - All photography.  All the time.
The Stereoscopic Society - Founded 1893.  Journal and membership benefits.
Texas Photographic Society - Members from all 50 states and 10 countries.
Victorian 3-D Society - Fine stereo site with many links.  Projects, articles, equipment info.

Idea Links & References
Arts & Letters Daily - Latest news in philosophy, aesthetics, literature, language, ideas, art, criticism, culture, history, music, trends, breakthroughs, disputes, gossip.
The Center for Critical Thinking - Resources to teach critical thinking.
Edge - Essays on the cutting edge.
Making of America Books - A digital library of primary sources in American social history.
The New Scientist - On-line version of the magazine with science news, features, editorials.
Howard Rheingold - Virtual communities, art, and articles.
Science Daily - Latest research news in all fields of scientific endeavour.
Science News - On-line version of the award-winning weekly news digest.
SciTech Daily Review - Science and technology features, books, analysis, and opinion.
Wayback Machine - 10 billion archived internet pages from 1995 to the present.
Wiki - Computers and philosophy--interact with some very bright people here.                     


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