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Bryce Point, by Bob HerbstFundamentals of Temperaprint

by Peter Fredrick

This dichromate-based process allows printing
in color with egg tempera

Lumarc HID UnitTri-Color Gum with Cyanotype

by Sam Wang

Gorgeous color images and a complete how-to

Bryce Point, by Bob HerbstThe Effects of Pyro Stain in Platinum Printing

by Bob Herbst

Demonstrates that a longer printable scale is obtainable with pyro negatives for both platinum and silver printing.

After Edvard Munch, by Chris AndersonMordanšage

by Christina Z. Anderson

Arcane bleach-etch process.

Photograph by Wynn WhiteVandyke Notes

by Wynn White

One of the simplest and most rewarding of the so-called alternative processes.  A complete how-to article.

Duo-tone solarizationPrint Solarization:
The Sabatier Effect in Printing

by Ed Buffaloe

Latest theory on the Sabatier Effect, & practical details on how to solarize papers, developers to use, etc.

 Additional Articles:   

Historic/Alternative Processes:

Alternative Process Quick Start   (Joe Lipka)
The Bromoil Acid Bath
The Bromoil Soft Ink Technique Demonstrated by RenÚ Smets
A Carbon Symposium - Some Contemporary Printers  (Sandy King)
The Carbon Transfer Process   (Sandy King)
Casein Bichromate  (E. J. Theisen)
The Chrysotype Reinvented   (Richard Eugene Puckett)
Cyanotype and other Non-Silver Ferric Processes
Dry Print Out with Platinum and Palladium    (Richard Eugene Puckett)
Enlarged Negatives Using APHS Ortho Film & Pyro Developer  (Bob Herbst)
Ferric Silver Formulae - Vandyke & Kallitype
Fundamentals of Temperaprint   (Peter Fredrick)
Getting Started in Wetplate Collodion Photography  (Joseph Smigiel)
Gold Toning Vandyke Brown Prints       (Sandy King)
A Guide to Platinum Printing      (Joe Lipka)
Gum Over Platinum   (Clay Harmon)
How to make a Simple Silver-Based Photographic Emulsion   (T. Holsinger)
An Interview with Robb Kendrick, Master Tintypist
Less is More - Negatives by Reversal
Making Kallitype Prints    (Sandy King)
Making P.O.P. (Printing Out Paper)   (Liam Lawless)
Mordanšage (Christina Z. Anderson)
The Mummies of Guanajuato: An Interview with Robb Kendrick
Photopolymer Printing    (Jim Read)
Preliminary Notes on Bromoil
Salted Paper Formulae
Three Color Gum Taylor Made       (Lear Levin)
Tri-color Gum with Cyanotype       (Sam Wang)
Vandyke Notes      (Wynn White)
Uranium   (Robert W. Schramm)
The ULF-28 Contact Printing Exposure System (Sandy King)
Ultraviolet Light Sources for Printing with the Alt. Processes (Sandy King)
UV Light Box Construction

Film and Film Developers:

Appreciating Rodinal
Basic Film Processing Technique
A Densitometer for Reading Pyro Negatives   (Bob Herbst)
Cerium Bleach Diapositives (Harvey Yurow)
Development by Inspection
Divided D-23  (Joseph Lipka)
Eastman 5369 as a Replacement for Tech Pan   (Harvey Yurow)
The Effects of Pyro Stain in Platinum Printing   (Bob Herbst)
Introduction to Pyro Staining Developers   (Sandy King)
LIRF is Lurking at Your F-Stop   (Patrick Gainer)
Mixing Developers  - Photographic chemistry
Monochrome Photographic Diapositives   (Harvey Yurow)
Mortensen Revisited - A Technical Evaluation
Perfection XR-1 Formula?
Permanganate Bleach Re-Reversa l    (Harvey Yurow)
Preservation of Ascorbate Developers    (Patrick Gainer)
Pyrocat-HD, A Phenidone-Pyrocatechin Developer
Reduced Agitation Film Processing    (Steve Sherman)
Rotary Processing   (John Hicks)
Selective Reversal: A New Path to Photo Abstraction   (Harvey Yurow)
The Synergism Between Phenidone and Ascorbic Acid   (Patrick Gainer)
Testing Pyrocat-HD   (Clay Harmon)
The Waterhouse Effect - Equidensity Photographic Images   (Harvey Yurow)
Vitamin C Developers   (Patrick Gainer)

Printing and Finishing:

Amidol Formulae
Archival Processing
Azo and Amidol   (Bob Herbst)
Azo - Chloride Contact Paper for Large Format
Azo - Tests   (Dhananjay Nayakanakuppam)
Bergger Paper and the Sabatier Effect
Blue Toning   (Liam Lawless)
Collecting and Developing Antique Photographic Paper   (Harvey Yurow)
A Conservator’s View of Dry Mounting   (Barbara Lemmen)
Double Toning Prints
Duotone Border Depletion Solarization
Flashing for Greater Mid-Tone Contrast w/ Multicontrast Papers (S. Sherman)
Hand Coloring Photographs   (Judith Monroe)
Latent Image Bleaching
Lith Printing... An Introduction    (Tim Rudman)
Lith Printing Materials Update   (Tim Rudman)
Old Photographic Papers
Power of Process Separation System (Negative Design)   (Steve Sherman)
Print Solarization - The Sabatier Effect in Printing
Pyro Plus Paper Developer    (Donald Miller)
Solution Physical Development - An Experimenter’s Delight   (Harvey Yurow)
Split-Toning Part I:  Background & Historical Antecedents   (Jonathan Bailey)
Split-Toning Part II:  Processes & Procedures   (Jonathan Bailey)
A Study in Green (Green Prints)    (Harvey Yurow)
Testing Gold Protective Solution   (Liam Lawless)
Testing Kodak Selenium Toner   (Liam Lawless
Tips & Tricks for Blue Toning   (Liam Lawless)
Tips on Printing


A Basic Library for Photographic Experimenters   (Harvey Yurow)
Coffee Can Pinhole Camera
Emotion in Photographs - the Landscape Nude   (Norm La Coe)
Emotion in Photographs - the Landscape Nude, Part 2   (Norm La Coe)
Estimating Exposure
Exposure Calculator for Pinhole Exposures
Filter Factors for Black & White Panchromatic Film
Hardening Solutions for Film and Paper
How to Make a Pinhole
Photography at the Crossroads - Whither Analog?      (Harvey Yurow)
Rob Kendrick & the Mummies of Guanajuato: An Interview

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