Traditional Darkroom Photography & Historical / Alternative Photographic Processes

Reduced Agitation Film Processing

Altering a Negative’s Personality:
Reduced Agitation
Film Processing

by Steve Sherman

Print Solarization:
Controlling the Sabatier Effect

by Ed Buffaloe

Carbon Transfer Process Carbon Transfer Process
 by Sandy King

Cerium Bleach
Cerium Bleach Diapositives
 by Harvey Yurow

Getting Started in Wet Plate CollodionWet Plate Collodion
 by Joseph Smigiel

Mordanšage Process
 by Christina Anderson

Additional Photography Articles

   Blue Toning by Liam Lawless
Bromoil Process by Ed Buffaloe
Casein Bichromate Process by Ernest Theisen
Chrysotype Reinvented by Richard Eugene Puckett
Coffee Can Pinhole Camera by Ed Buffaloe
Cyanotype Formulae by Ed Buffaloe
Development by Inspection by Ed Buffaloe
Kallitype Process by Sandy King

    Mixing Developers by Ed Buffaloe
Photopolymer Printing by Jim Read
Rodinal for Film Development by Ed Buffaloe
Salted Paper Formulae by Ed Buffaloe
Split-Toning by Jonathan Bailey
Temperaprint Fundamentals by Peter Fredrick
Tri-color Gum with Cyanotype by Sam Wang
Vandyke Notes by Wynn White

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