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Handmade Holsters
by Ed Buffaloe

Colt 1877 D.A.

The Bergmann Pistols

Model 1894
Model 1896
Model 1897
Model 1899
Bergmann Simplex
Bergmann Mars
Bergmann Bayard
Danish Bergmann


Guns Designed by John M Browning

1900 FN Browning

The 1899/1900
FN Browning

The world’s first commercially
successful self-loading pistol.

Colt Automatic Pistol, .38 caliber
The First
Colt Automatic Pistol

The Model 1902 Colt

The 1903 Colt .38 Pocket Model

1903 Colt Pocket Model

The 1903 Colt Hammerless Pocket Model

Model 1907 Colt .45

The First .45 Auto:
The 1905 and 1907 Colt

1908 Colt
The 1906 FN Browning &
1908 Colt Pocket Hammerless

The 1910 FN Browning

1900 Steyr-Mannlicher

The Model 1900

Mauser Model 1910

The Mauser Pocket Pistols
by A. Winthrop

Comparing The 1910 & 1914 Mauser 6.35mm Pistols

Frommer Stop

The Frommer Stop

1908 Bayard

Le Français Pistols

The Early Walther Pistols

Walther Model 1Experimental Walther .32

The Walther Model 1

The Walther Models 2 & 5

The Walther Model 3

The Walther Model 4

Walther Models 7 & 8The Walther Models 7 and 8

The Walther Model 9

Walther Model 9

by Earl Mount

1919 Star .380

The Model 1913-1930
Sauer Pistol

Astra 600 & 300

The Astra Tubular Slide Pistols - Models 400, 300, 600, etc.,
& the Campo-Giro

The Remington 51Remington Model 51

The Remington Model 51
“...the best pocket self-loading
pistol ever designed...”

Remington 51 Prototypes

Remington Model 51
Prototypes in the
J.B. Cargile Collection

Highlights from the
J.B. Cargile
Collection of Remington 51s

The MAB Pistols

MAC 1935S

A Brief History of MAB

The MAB Model A

The MAB Model B

The MAB Models C and D

The MAB Model F

M.A.B. Model R Para
The M.A.B. Model R Para

The M.A.B. R22
Also known as the Le Chasseur


The M.A.B. PA-15

CZ 1922

Alois Tomiška’s 6.35mm CZ 1922
The first pistol to sport the CZ logo.

Czech vz.22

The Czech vz.22 Pistol

The Czech vz.24 Pistol

The Slavia
Predecessor of the Mars and DUO pistols.


Lignose Model 3A (Rob Folda)

The Bergmann & Lignose Pocket Pistols

The 2A and 3A were known as the Einhandpistole, or one-hand pistol.

The 1927 Simson

The 1922 and 1927 Simson

Star Model CO

The Star Model CO

1935 French Service Pistols

The 1935 French
Service Pistols

SACM 1935A, MAS 1935S,
MAC 1935S, or MAT 1935S.

Sauer & Sohn 38H

The Sauer 38H
by Aaron Shuler

The Baby Browning

The PSP-25

Walther TP

The Walther Model TP
by Stefan Klein

The Walther TPH
by Stefan Klein

Engraved Colt 1911
A Hit Man’s Gun

WARNING:  This section contains explicit images that
may be offensive to some.

Holster for Walther Model 8
How to Make a Simple
Belt Holster

Tools for Making Holsters

Holster for 7-1/2" SAA
How to Make a
Cowboy Holster

Notes on Making Holsters

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Trigger Job for the CZ 52
1907 Dreyse 7.65mm
The 6.35mm Dreyse Vest Pocket Pistol
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RM&M Ammo for the Dreyse 9mm
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Grant Hammond: 
Grant Hammond Automatic Pistol
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Gunsmithing Videos
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Holsters for Concealed Carry
Italian Date Codes for Guns: 
Italian Date Codes
Kel-Tec P-32: 
Kel-Tec P-32
Kel-Tec PF-9: 
Kel-Tec PF-9
Little Ace: 
Little Ace
Little Tom: 
Alois Tomiška’s Little Tom Pistol
The Mann .25 Caliber Pistol
Old Model  Melior (1911)
New Model Melior (1920)
Mini Revolvers: 
Mini Revolvers
The Beretta Nano
Eustaquio Olariaga Revolver
The Ortgies Pistol
PAF Junior
Defensive Revolvers for Concealed Carry
Rolling Block: 
The Remington Rolling Block Pistol
Rossi Princess Revolver
Haenel Schmeisser Pistol
DRS Schouboe Pistol
Emperor Wilhelm II’s Schwarzlose
SIG P238: 
SIG P238 and the Colt Mustang
Star 1919: 
The 1919 Star Pistol
1908 Steyr Pieper Pistol
The Stosel, an Eibar or Ruby-type Pistol
Suicide Special: 
Suicide Special Pistols
Tanque Auto Pistol
Taurus 450Ti: 
The Taurus 450Ti Revolver
Thompson-La Garde: 
Thompson-La Garde Report
Western Arms Corporation of Los Angeles
Whitney “Beals Patent” Pocket Revolver
Zehna Pistol


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Since the earliest days of rocks and sticks, males have been trying to find better ways to launch projectiles.
In the male tradition of projectile enthusiasts, I am a gun collector.  I have an interest in small, concealable weapons, particularly pre-war semi-automatic pistols, though I don’t necessarily restrict my collecting to them.  I collect pretty much anything that interests me. 

Born and raised in Texas, I enjoy launching projectiles, taking projectile launchers apart and putting them back together, trying to understanding how their mechanisms work, making holsters for them, etc. 

I advocate responsible gun use.  I abide by the laws of Texas and the United States, and I try to set an example to others for responsible handling of firearms.

I don’t write to justify myself or to advocate the use of guns, but to share my knowledge and interests with like-minded enthusiasts.  I hope someone out there finds this information useful.

                                                                     --Ed Buffaloe



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